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Solar Lead Generation Company Search Hacks

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Solar Lead Generation 2Solar energy has been looked upon as an alternative source of electricity in the previous years. It’s popularity is also growing among small households that are looking for ways to reduce their monthly utility bills as well as contribute to the growing awareness on the conservation of natural resources. These are just a few reasons why there are several companies that have started joining the solar energy market.

These companies are currently tapping the relatively young market, in hopes of being the premier distributor of solar technology needs of the growing number of solar energy consumers. This is also why the solar panel industry is booming at the moment. There are even reports that the projected sales of these panels will continue to increase in popularity, thus giving solar panel entrepreneurs more revenue, in the near future.

Since this market niche is, as mentioned earlier, relatively young and not to mention and small, many solar panel entrepreneurs are looking for ways to boosts their profits by increasing the peoples knowledge about their product. Add to that, since this market is a free-for-all, with newly established businesses competing with seasoned establishments, there should be some marketing strategy that would set them apart from their competition.

If your one of these businesses focusing on solar energy, read on. This article brought to you by TheLeadTree would help businessmen understand one of those marketing strategies that would help them get on to the top of their sales targets and eventually reach that annual revenue goal.

For any businessmen, regardless of how many customers they currently have, it’s never enough. As a matter of fact, there are always new ways to expand a company and help it reach the marketplace they’ve chosen. Telemarketing that’s focused on solar lead generation is a proven way for solar companies to acquire a steady flow of new business clients, if done right!

Telemarketing, to put it simply, is like mining for leads (business clients) who are interested in buying your solar panels, or at least willing to have a seat with you and listen to your pitch. Good solar lead telemarketing companies make it their life’s mission to provide you with not only the freshest leads but also carefully verified ones. An optimized solar lead generation campaign can nearly guarantee a sale, or once again, at the very least, a sit down appointment.

Solar Lead Generation 1Pretty straight forward, right? Finding a good lead generation company can be like hiring your own set of seven dwarfs to mine for precious stones. However, a bad lead generation company could be like the witch in the “Snow White” story intent on tricking you and stealing the life of the beautiful princess.

So for budding or seasoned solar panel businessmen or for people just looking around for alternative tactics to boost their product sales, here are a few “Solar Lead Generation Company Search Hacks” to keep those precious stones in reach and the witch at bay:

  • They know the customer

Reputable solar lead generation companies must target a customer’s “pain points,” which could include utility bills, rising prices of commodities, global warming, how shaded the residence is, and whether the person on the line was genuinely  interested and not railroaded into saying “yes”. They know what makes customers tick. A reputable solar lead generation company could ask the following questions:

  1. Over the course of a year, including the highs and lows of summer and winter, what is your average monthly electric bill?
  2. And you’re the owner of the entire property correct?
  3. Do you have any large trees or any other objects obstructing your roof from receiving sunlight?

Add to that, they asked around more than the usual set of questions to ensure that the generated solar lead is a qualified hit and not something that you’d get and regret in the end. Other than that, the questionnaire is asked by trained solar lead generation professionals who’ll know how to deliver the questions without sounding a bit too condescending or unclear, which could confuse the targeted business client.

  • They know when to deliver

Credible solar lead generation companies know when to deliver the leads to you. They know that you have a great product and that the possible lead clients would gladly hear your pitch ASAP. With that, they either transfer the lead immediately to your sales representative or they set an appointment, which would be scheduled within a maximum duration of 24-hours. Credible solar lead generation companies know that the solar energy market is very competitive. Possible business clients are just learning about how great solar energy could be at their homes. However, times is definitely of essence, and people might soon forget their interest over you solar panel product if they are not transferred or scheduled for a sit down appointment immediately.

  • They properly manage the leads they generated

Trustworthy solar lead generation companies know how to properly manage the generated leads. They remove the old leads from the set of leads that would be delivered to you to ensure that you’ll get the most optimum sales results from that list. Also, they can perform call backs and additional inquiries when necessary so as to get you the freshest leads all the time without missing any details regarding the possible client, which could affect the result of the scheduled sit down appointment.

  • They create quality leads through an exhaustive verification process

Notable solar lead generation companies know how to properly verify prospective business clients. In the TheLeadTree, they have a 9-set questionnaire which guides them in creating solar generation leads. Apart from that, they have a separate quality control team to ensure that these leads weren’t railroaded and that the lead generation specialists followed the procedure of creating quality leads.

  • They are businessmen

Speaking of quality, reputable solar lead generation companies treat your business as their own; they know what sets it apart from other solar companies in the market. Because they share your personal sentiment over making that sale, they would surely guarantee the freshness and quality of the leads that they would deliver to you. They have this solid determination of delivering on time every time.

Solar Lead Generation 3They are 5th grade teachers

Remember that game show, “Smarter than a 5th grader?” Well, reputable solar lead generation companies know how to explain the product to prospective companies in the simplest, shortest, and sharpest way possible just in case the possible customer isn’t as bright as you had perceived. Meanwhile, two other important traits of a 5th grade teacher that solar lead generation specialists should possess are (lots of) patience and (loads of) amiability.

They let the prospective business clients speak or ask questions so that these leads won’t feel invaded of their personal space, especially when they are asked about pertinent questions about their utility bills, size of household, trees or vegetation surrounding the house, etc. Apart from that, a reputable solar lead generation company just knows how to deal with possible clients who have a temper; just like a 5th grade school teacher who knows how to deal with students who’re acting up.

  • They offer diversified strategies

Notable solar lead generation companies offer other telemarketing options to their clients. As for TheLeadTree, they offer what is called Digital Media Lead Generation. With this telemarketing strategy, solar lead generation clients can get SEO specialists to work on a website for their “local search” leads. This means, you should mention the areas of operation on the webpage that you’d have the specialists work on. This would concentrate the search for customers on the location that you’ve indicated. Add to that, this is the best way of tapping the latest online technology and social media niche to advertise your solar panel to boost that solar lead generation, which would eventually lead to an increase in sales.

  • They posses a top of the line sales force

Credible solar lead generation companies employ professional telemarketers who are aimed at getting their daily quota while ensuring its utmost quality. These solar lead generation specialists can deliver the specified number of leads that were promised to you on a daily basis, without compromising the quality of the generated leads. As was mentioned earlier, these companies also employ a set of quality control specialists who would check that each generated lead is a guaranteed “exclusive,” “will meet your criteria such as home value, annual income and specific zip codes,” and a “guaranteed 100% contact.”

  • Solar Lead Generation 4They save you money

Reputable solar lead generation companies know your needs and they know how to save you money by providing you the freshest leads all the time. They aren’t just your common gold prospectors. They are highly qualified and skilled miners! They mine for the freshest quality solar lead generation. Apart from that, they have a diversified set of products that would help you get those top notch solar leads.

They’re like asset managers that know how to diversify and use several instruments to get you the best results at the fraction of the cost.

Dwarf mining asset managers . . . who knew that was possible!

Now that’s all covered, you already have an idea what to look for when searching for the right solar lead generation company that would help you reach your goal and push those sales numbers sky rocketing off the roof. Getting the right solar lead generation company to help you is like finding a lush tree where you could find shade from the heat of the sun.

Speaking of trees, TheLeadTree, our lead generation company, offers the services mentioned above with over a decade of experience in providing the freshest quality leads to our clients. We train lead generation specialists who have the right amount of quirkiness in their system that allows them to think out of the box to get you those desired leads on time all the time.

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