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“Bringing the World of Resources to Your Fingertips”

TheLeadTree brings the world of resources to your fingertips using global resources that were previously only available to large corporations and the Fortune 500 and making them available to small and mid-sized companies.

What is it we do exactly?

We are a marketing and advertising company that, in simple terms, helps make your life easier.

Here at TheLeadTree we have a wide variety of services that we do very well. Go through some more of the website and you can get a full list of services. Although we do many things very well there is one thing that sets us apart from the rest. We create and provide GREAT Leads for companies like yours.

Since 2003, we have been doing things differently not only to set us apart from the rest but to ensure the customers we deal with are satisfied enough to keep coming back.

We combine Social Media, PPC, SEO, and email marketing with call center telemarketing services to generate the ultimate leads for your business. It does not matter what kind of lead you need whether it be insurance leads, home security, or investment leads. The list is endless. We create a custom- tailored program for your campaign.

Imagine having a building full of employees that were at your disposal for nearly every aspect of your business. The best part of that image is having the peace of mind to not pay them to show up to work, but instead, to show you REAL results in your company’s revenue.

We can give you all the same capabilities as large corporations but on a budget that any small business can afford. We use all the known mediums of marketing and advertising to help advance your company to the next level.

Inquire by contacting us. The information to possibly change your business from A to B in the land of success is just a click away. Oh and it is FREE!

Customer Spotlight



“I recently started purchasing leads from The Lead Tree. I had a chance to go over each lead individually in the past week and I found after going over approximately 35 leads my ration was over 20% and The Lead Tree was providing me with the highest quality leads that I have been able to find. Prior to The Lead Tree, I had tested at least 8 other lead sources and was disappointed time after time. The Lead Tree also separated themselves from the competition by not promising me volume that they could not come through with. I attribute this to my sales rep, Zackary Williamson, who is always upfront, honest and accessible practically 24 hours per day. The Lead Tree is currently working with me to ramp up my volume to 500 leads per month.”

Thomas C. Free
Executive Vice President
Citizens Trust Financial Group, Inc.

“Being a new company with a limited budget I inquired into plenty of telemarketing companies. I found The Lead Tree and have been using them since November 2005. The quality of the leads has been very good. Most of the clients recall the conversation with the telemarketer and are very willing to give you the remaining information to complete their load application. I especially like how they get a time to call the client back which makes my job easier. The Lead Tree delivery system makes it easy for me to pull my leads right away and hand them out to my loan officers. I would recommend The Lead Tree to anyone who is interested in finding a source for telemarketed leads”.

Michal Bosworth
Silver Beach Mortgage