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Pay a flat rate per hour for telemarketing services.

How it worksStep 1: Telemarketing List

We build a custom telemarketing list targeted to your specific audience. Whether it be business to business or residential, we can apply filters such as annual income, age, loan amounts, business types, zip codes and more to narrow down the list of potential leads.

Step 2: Assign Telemarketers

We will let you hand-pick telemarketing agents that will work exclusively on your account making calls 8hrs per day 40hrs per week.  You can interview each agent that will dial for you to make sure they fit the profile and understand your product. This usually takes just one day.

Step 3: Start Calling

Using our locally hosted predictive dialers your agents will make hundreds of calls each day contacting prospects and setting appointments for you to call them back or go visit them face to face.

Step 4: Delivery

Once a lead is qualified and an appointment set, we upload the information into our lead management software where you can update the lead, assign it to your sales staff, and manage the lead through the closing process. You’re gonna love how easy it is to deliver and manage your leads in our system.


We can usually get your campaign up and running within 48hrs or two business days of receiving payment.