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Solar Lead Generation Series Telemarketing

“No man pleases by silence; many I please by speaking briefly.”

– Ausonius

Indeed, many business owners are considering investing in the solar energy market. This is due to the growing interest of homeowners on a product that would help provide an alternative means to power their household.

As was promised before, we would be giving a few set of rules on how to improve your solar lead generation through telemarketing.

Have everything you need within your reach

Solar Lead Generation Series Telemarketing 02Prepare the desk where you’d be working on hours, or better yet a day, before you start making calls so that you’ll be able to maximize your time in front of the phone. Don’t forget your pen and paper, refreshments, and other things that would help you stay focused on the task ahead.

Remember that your time and your prospective clients time is valuable so having everything you need just surrounding you would be helpful in managing your time very well.

When we say the everything should be within reach, it means that you should be organized as well.

Organizing all the things you need in a neat and orderly fashion will also cut the time needed searching for them in front of you. If you want to get the most work done in just a small amount of time, you have to maintain a clean and organized workstation.

When your workstation is clean and well organized, you too should be mentally organized when making that phone calls; which leads us to our second rule.

Have enough rest before making those calls

Solar Lead Generation Series Telemarketing 03You can’t achieve anything if your mind is a mess when you make those calls. So, get enough amount of rest to free your mind from stress and prepare yourself for the task ahead. Once you’re already refreshed, you can now begin your exciting venture in solar lead generation through telemarketing.

However before you head out to your desk and begin making those calls, you must have a clean and decent list of numbers to call. Well, this could be a little messy if you are tired and run-down.

Make a hit list

There are a lot of ways to get those numbers. You can start of with the yellow pages; this could be your old telephone directory or the online version. You have to search for people or businesses that might find you solar energy products useful or profitable, in a sense that it would help them cuts costs in their business.

Solar Lead Generation Series Telemarketing 04You could also check LinkedIn for professional profiles that might be interested in your product or perhaps people that could help you start the ball rolling for your solar lead generation venture. Wherever you chose to start searching the phone numbers you’d be calling, always remember the a search engine will always be your best friend. They could take you anywhere by just typing the right set of word. For instance, you need a list of enterprises in New York, try typing in “business listing New York” and prepare to be amazed by the list that would unravel in front of your eyes.

Once you’re done making your initial list of prospective clients, you’re good to go in making those calls and start your solar lead generation project. With that, here’s a few more rules to help you get going.

Smile at the person on the other line

Solar Lead Generation Series Telemarketing 05When the person you’re calling picks-up the phone, answer with confidence and with cheer in your voice. Let them hear the infectious jolly good mood you are in; inundate them with your optimism. You can do this by smiling while talking to the person on the other line.

Based on studies posted on the web, there are people who do not like getting unexpected calls. However, by literally smiling while on the phone raises the probability that you’d be saying something nice that would inevitably shift the mood of the person you’re talking to in your favor. You should always aim to sound perky and professional in all of your calls.

Prepare an interesting and engaging script

This will be your bible when making calls. Put everything you want to say on the script; it might include the following:

  • reason why you are calling
  • the right questions (you are prospecting for solar leads, so you’d have to ask about details about their power consumption, monthly utility bills, shade and foliage surrounding the house or covering the roof, the size of the household, the monthly income of the household, and the like)
  • your product’s strong points (be honest, invest on winning people by being building up your credibility in the market)
  • Thank the customer (but never apologize, you’ve done nothing wrong and your customer knows that too)

Meanwhile, here are some tips that you might include as a helpful postscript on your script:

  • mention the name of your prospective solar lead twice
  • schedule a follow-up when necessary, this is essential when you’re prospective solar need has told you they’re interested with the product but don’t have time
  • learn from previous calls and update your script with the lessons learned from the past

Here are just some of the rules and tips when generating solar leads through telemarketing. You could be creative with the list and add some of your own rules to increase the chances of getting solar leads.

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