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TheLeadTree is the #1 Solar Lead Generation Company in the USA.

Solar Lead Generation 01Here’s why: Our company, TheLeadTree, offers you premium exclusive telemarketing solar live transfers and solar leads that get results. We have worked with small, medium as well as big enterprises in the solar energy industry for over a decade and they’ve been with us throughout the years.

We are able to deliver thanks to the business guarantees we fulfill when we sign a deal with you. Here they are:

We guarantee 100% contact rate on our solar leads; we also guarantee free replacement if you are unable to reach them.

Solar Lead Generation 02This is how confident we are with our solar leads generation: we ensure that you would be able to contact all the leads we send to you. In fact, we are so confident that we offer free replacements if you are unable to reach our leads.

Based on our returnable lead criteria for lead replacement, “if you are unable to reach the person or if it’s a bad phone number, we will retry to contact them. If we can’t reach the home owner, we will then replace the lead. If we can reach them, we will send it back to you with the audio tape; or on the rare occasion of a bad number, we will correct the number and send it back to you.”

You can also request for a replacement if “the person being called is not the home owner and or is not in any way a decision maker for that residence; or the lead is not in the prearranged geographical area (state, county, city, SCF code, Zip Code).”

If you have concerns about the lead delivered to you, we replace the leads that do qualify for replacement at the end of the order so as not to interrupt the process or make it confusing. You simply just send in the lead with the name and reason as to why you are returning it, to the same email that we are sending you the leads. It’s that easy.

We have a minimum 60-day 100% exclusivity agreement with all of our clients.

Solar Lead Generation 03This is our commitment to all our solar lead generation clients. The leads delivered to you are for your sole use, which is good for the next 60-days. If you would opt for a sit-down appointment scheduled with the customer, we could do that and send it to you via email, Microsoft Outlook Contact, Word Document, or whatever format you would prefer.

If you have a high order, say over a hundred leads, you could check our CRM, Cheching.com, where we store all of our quality control monitored highly qualified solar leads, so that you would have an easy time accessing them.

Cheching.com is our in-house developed customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows us to manage your interaction with current and future customers. To put it simply, it uses the latest technology “to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support,” based on Internet resources.

We believe that quality solar lead generation is done through responsible telemarketing; no short cuts or unethical practices are used to produce our premium quality solar leads.

Solar Lead Generation 04We ask a total of 11 qualifying questions. These are time-tested questions to ensure the highest quality and highest conversion rate in the industry.

Once our telemarketing team is able to contact the household and is able to make a lead, these calls then pass through our quality control department. It is our quality control expert’s duty to review every recording to confirm if the lead has a real and genuine interest in the product.

If the leads were proven to lack authentic interest, based on the quality control team’s strict standards, the lead would be disqualified from the list. This is how you get a guaranteed 100% contact rate and that is why we do not believe in shortcuts.

Sometimes, the best way to get the best outcome is not only through the speed of the delivery of products and services, but most importantly, the efficiency and the quality of the delivered products. That’s how we train ourselves to operate as a solar lead generation business.

We have a set of highly trained solar lead quality control specialists who consistently monitor all our calls to ensure that we have one of the highest close ratios in the solar lead market.

Solar Lead Generation 05We’ve been in the solar lead generation business for over a decade and we’ve become a leading telemarketing firm in that industry, because of the screening process that is designed to produce high quality solar leads. We understand that if the leads don’t meet the established criteria it’s not going to be sent to you in the first place.

We know we already won your respect, and we would not let that go to waste. We believe in a business partnership established in integrity and hard work; and that’s what we adhere to when we connect with you, whether you’re an old or new business establishment.

All of our leads are verified by quality control.

As was mentioned earlier, all of the leads generated by our call centers are recorded not only for quality assurance but also as reference if something goes amiss. Our quality control motto from the time we started in this business is that “if in doubt don’t send the lead out”. We realize there are unusual situations that can arise, which will be looked at very closely and that’s why all the calls we made to prospective clients are recorded.

We do not outsource our telemarketing solar lead generation.

Solar Lead Generation 06We have a specialized team of telemarketing solar lead generation call center agents. Because we follow high standards in screening possible customers that would inevitably become your solar leads, we do all the tough work with a dash of love.

We do not simply operate as a business, but as a family of committed solar lead generation experts.

We follow a proven script consisting of tried and tested qualifying questions to ensure the quality of every lead delivered to you.

As was mentioned earlier, we have 11 qualifying questions for all our prospective solar leads. The script is our bible. We start off with a regular day at our call center and begin calling prospective solar leads. We make sure that we reach the homeowners before asking them the qualifying questions on our script.

We have a clean record with any business regulating body; in fact, we are a BBB accredited company with an A+ score.

Solar Lead Generation 07We have an unblemished reputation. In fact, we have no derogatory record on ripoffreport.com or on the Better Business Bureau. We have a consistent track record of 30% close ratio for you and that has gotten us a high reorder rate. Add to that, our average lead return rate is only 7% on all verticals, which lands us on the sweet spot on the market.

We only contact households, from Monday to Friday, to guarantee that all leads delivered to you would match your criteria.

We focus on your criteria. Most of you, our business partners, are focused on small households that might be interested in lowering their utility bills or are just interested in having renewable sources of energy installed in their homes.

By focusing on your specific solar lead generation requirements, we always deliver.

We transfer the call live or set a guaranteed callback appointment on behalf of your company.

Solar Lead Generation 08As was discussed before, we can either schedule a sit-down appointment between you and our generated leads or transfer live call leads to you based on your sales center capability. The operative word here is freshness. We guarantee that all the solar leads we generate are fresh and not more than 24-hours old.

In terms of pricing for our solar lead generation services, clients have several options for mode of payment like credit / debit card, PayPal, wire transfers, and direct bank deposits.

For credit / debit cards, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover both credit and debit cards. For PayPal, you can do this through American Express cards if you do not have PayPal accounts; or through fund transfers, if you have a PayPal account.

If you have large orders, wire transfers and direct back transfers are advisable. Account numbers will be given to you if you elect to do this option at time of payment. You can still use this mode of payment even for small and medium orders.

As a recap, you could check out this short clip on what our company can offer to you:

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We are TheLeadTree and we want you to spend more time processing orders and less time prospecting.