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A recent Gartner report has concluded that up to 14% of their entire marketing budget to acquiring quality prospect lists.  This percentage represents the importance that is placed upon having good quality data that is current and contains your targeted customers and the impact this will have on your sales results and bottom line.

Getting the just the right list can produce amazing results. You can apply a wide range of filters by defining the criteria parameters for your prospects, this will ensure that the calling lists you use will be effective.  Consider that you only wish to target certain businesses or consumers within an income range or based on their homeowner information.  Immediately, anyone falling outside of your set variables will be excluded saving time and money.

We supply the following lists…

  • Mortgage data (LTV, home value, interest rates, income etc.)
  • Insurance (targeted for auto, home, health, life etc.)
  • B2B Leads (SIC codes, income, # of employees etc.)
  • Debt Settlement (debit amount, income, employment info, homeowner info, etc.)
  • Survey Taking (consumer records, income, homeowner info, etc.)
  • SEO Telemarketing (website info, annual income, # of employees, budget info etc.)

We can broadly divide the issues up into two main groups; firstly, ensuring that the data contains only those prospects who are likely to be interested in doing business with you and secondly, that the information is kept up to date and remains current so it continues to have value.

It is a fact of life that people move, both with their home and their jobs.  Telephone and email information can also change over time.  If your data does not reflect these changes then the data is worthless.  It is one thing to market yourself to prospects you do not wish to do business with, it is another to market yourself to someone who has moved on and is not there to hear your message.  We are able to cross check existing data against our other resources and gather changes in information such as address, contact information and job.

Your prospect and customer information is the lifeblood of your marketing and business success.  The quality of the information collected and maintained directly impacts upon how well your marketing campaigns will perform.  More than this, once you have a good quality list for telemarketing, it is essential that you are able to manipulate the information so your specific marketing goals are achieved.

Many databases become tired and unproductive as they are worked over time, not only by your own marketing people or by other companies who have purchased or acquired the same information.  This leads to prospects becoming resistant to approaches and direct offers become ineffective.  For this reason, the data needs to be continuously maintained and added to with fresh information so that the list remains fresh and prospective customers remain open to approaches by your sales people.

Scrubbing Data

If you intend to remain in contact with not only your prospects but also your existing customers, you need to invest time and effort in keeping the information up to date.  Here at The Lead Tree you can find list providers that can cross check existing data against their own database and external resources and update your information with address and contact information changes.  This will help keep your data relevant and maintain customer contact and retention.

Custom Building a Telemarketing List

Using a high quality database is absolutely vital to delivering sales and meeting your marketing objectives.  If your data is substandard or not used appropriately you will at best, lose sales opportunities and waste time and at worst, experience a negative ROI and business failure.  Make sure you pay very particular attention to keeping your data and marketing lists in the very best shape possible by using our lead management software or a similar platform to store and manage your leads.