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Online marketing does not have to be expensive

ONLINE MARKETING“All that glitters is not gold,” or so they say. While appearance isn’t always a good benchmark of a judging company’s quality of service, a good marketing campaign can do wonders.

Whatever industry your business is operating in, be it sales, lead generation, or digital media, utilizing effective marketing techniques will benefit your company’s profitability and reputation.

However, if your business budget is running low, spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on content marketing tools may not be an option. Many products or services that claim to improve your marketing campaign may be too expensive for your company.

Well, good news. Thanks to the increasing availability of the internet, there have been a significant increase in the number of free marketing tools online. Today, I will list down five of the most budget friendly ones that I always use.



When it comes to marketing, a picture can definitely be worth a thousand words. But do you also have to spend a thousand dollars for nice photos? Luckily, no. Stock photos often contain ugly watermarks that will only be removed by paying a certain amount.

If you’re on a really tight budget, why not check out Pixabay? It’s a website that provides 860,000 free videos, images, and illustrations that you can use for your ads, blog posts, or other marketing material. Take note that some images may require attribution to credit the original owners.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts

Creating a website that looks good is important if you want people to check out its content. One major contributor in your website’s appearance is the font that you use. Google Fonts gives you free access to 819 fonts you can use on your website by simply copy and pasting a single HTML and CSS line.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

And here we have another entry from Google. Business owners who value their online presence need to measure their website traffic. However, this service offers more than mere graphs and statistics. By setting up Google Analytics on your website, you will have access to other important data including your audience demographics, most effective marketing strategies (measured by the number of views, social media likes, shares, etc), and ROI measurement.

Google Analytics is a “freemium” service which means that the basic features are offered for free while more advanced ones are paid.



The last tool (or should I say website?) that content marketers use is YouTube. People love sharing interesting videos. Websites like Buzzfeed use funny, cute, and interesting videos to catch the attention of their viewers online.

Aside from being extremely popular, YouTube is recognized as the second largest search engine in the world. By creating a YouTube channel and regularly uploading videos for your target audience, you will build a strong group of followers that love your content.

Online marketing gives you a lot of options that traditional marketing do not have. There are so many free marketing tools online that’s waiting for you to be used.

What other tools do you know about? Let us know in the comments below!